Family Owned

Prior to our establishment in 1994, our founder, Janice Bantle, was a sign engraver/vinyl letter sign manufacturer at, then, Yorkship Business Supply which was an office supplier/print shop. Janice started their signage/engraving department which rapidly grew to meet the demands of their customers. Yorkship then recognized that they were not able to keep up with the demands of the signage department and offered Janice to buy the entire signage department and start working on her own and thus Bantle’s Banners and Signs was born. 

Yorkship would still take the orders of their customers but outsource the jobs to Bantle’s Banners and Signs. Janice would work part-time during the day at her house in Barrington while raising her family, while also growing the sign business. Yorkship would eventually be bought out by Office Depot. After Bantle’s was established in March of 1994, Office Depot was one of Bantle’s largest accounts. 

To adapt to the ever-changing market, Janice wanted to diversify her services to not only include sign engraving/vinyl letter sign manufacturing but expanded to do such products like rubber stamps, promotional items and apparel for small individual customers and larger corporations.  

In March of 2017 Bantle’s merged with Pirolli Printing Co. to grow our business and expand our services even more to help cater to our customers’ needs. Since merging with Pirolli Printing, we now offer ink-on-paper services using a variety of printing techniques.  

What started out to be a classic American Dream story of an ordinary person starting a business out of nothing has now turned a page into a new chapter where we continue to listen to our customers’ needs while offering more services than ever before.